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Boeing 737 (AEW&C) ROKAF 1

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Boeing 737 (AEW&C) Program: A Successful U.S. Partnership In South Korea..!

Boeing 737 (AEW&C): Providing On-Site Technical Support…

  • Boeing is providing on-site technical support, training and spare parts as part of an interim Boeing 737 (AEW&C) support program. This allows seamless support of the Peace Eye fleet as it transitions to a through-life support program.

Boeing 737 (AEW&C) Deliveries…

  • Boeing also has delivered six AEW&C aircraft to Australia. Four other AEW&C aircraft are in production for Turkey.

Boeing 737 (AEW&C): Air Borne Battle Management Capabilities…

  • The Boeing 737 AEW&C aircraft is designed to provide airborne battle management capability with an advanced multirole electronically scanned radar and 10 state-of-the-art mission crew.

Boeing 737 (AEW&C) ROKAF 1

Royal Jordanian Air Force Command And Control Modernization 1

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Royal Jordanian Air Force: An Important Air Command And Control Modernization..!

Command And Control Modernization: Omnyx™

  • The Command And Control Modernization system, known as Omnyx™, will combine sensor, voice and data communications to provide interoperability throughout the Royal Jordanian Air Force and other elements of Jordan’s armed forces.

Radar Input & Other Data Links…

Royal Jordanian Air Force Command And Control Modernization 1

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26 Memos to Whoever Wins on 11/6

Politics is Politics and will remain Politics. More interesting news

Signals to Attend

Okay, so my own politics may show in this post, but I sincerely believe both candidates might benefit from reading these memos…

1. I’ve resigned myself to your election but want you to know—if you represent the true values of America, as you’ve professed over and over during this campaign, then you cannot ignore what I think or feel… because I truly am an American.

2. During the election, I couldn’t tell if all the talk about jobs and who would create more was really about people or dollars. Let me clarify: people need dollars to live, but people are more important than dollars.

3. Large or small, government is of the people, by the people, for the people, and, as we’re in this together, is it unreasonable to expect you to model kindness and respect?

4. As the American president you cannot discount or dismiss any American. Not one.

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Student Thesis Flight

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Fly Your Thesis! A European Parabolic Student Flight Campaign…

Parabolic Flight Campaign…

  • As part of the Fly Your Thesis! project, three student groups flew along with nine professional teams in the 57th ESA parabolic flight campaign, investigating effects that are virtually impossible to study on the ground under the normal pull of gravity.

 Parabolic Flight & Microgravity…

  • This year’s educational venture gave students invaluable experience in how to design, build and perform experiments in microgravity.

Analyzing Parabolic Flight Data…

  • All three teams must now analyse their parabolic flight data and the results will form part of their Masters theses, PhD theses or research programs.

Student Thesis Flight

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Importance Of Corporate Advisory By Offshore Companies

Plan your success. Otherwise, you plan to fail… Interesting business news here

international corporate advisor

There are a number of different ways that you can keep progress of the business but when it comes to matters of planning, you need to get the advice that will lead you to focus in the right direction. There are several ways, that you can control the business but seeking the right advice will lead you to concentrate on the future of the business. Some of the areas that you need to be keen on include the financialmarkets, growth of the industry, matters of taxation and the future. When you have all this in check, you will find it easy to control the operations of the business. This is the reason why you need to invest in the corporate advisory services to focus on the future. There are many offshore companies which have qualified & experienced International corporate advisors.


Make the financialplans

Being one of the most…

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Interesting content and photos! You can read more about aviation here

Travel for Aircraft

Spain’s Arrow — the Hispano Aviación HA-200 Saeta (Arrow)

35º 44′ 30″ N / 81º 23′ 22″ W

Willy Messerschmitt left Germany after WW II’s end to continue what he did best — design advanced aircraft — as treaty limitations did not allow him to work on military aircraft in his home country. Spain, no stranger in using German aircraft designs, quickly engaged Messerschmitt and soon the Hispano Aviación HA-200 Saeta (Arrow) flew into Spanish skies during the 1950s. The HA-200 is Spain’s first domestic turbojet powered aircraft.

Saeta’s served as a training aircraft as well as a strike aircraft. Twin side-by-side engines mounted in the mid fuselage receive air from an unusual oval shaped nose intake with exhausts at the trailing portion of the wing roots. The pressurized cockpit has two crew positions in tandem with a pair of 20mm nose mounted cannon.

This Saeta is exhibited at the Hickory Aviation Museum and is in…

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