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Richard Branson, Clinkle 1b

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Richard Branson: Innovation Lesson => Clinkle..?

Richard Branson is known for his personal passion about innovation and also for helping young entrepreneurs with creative ideas. The main point of interest here, is that innovation is offering valuable options for opening new creative paths and economic growth in today’s global economy. Richard Branson‘s Clinkle investment is his latest practical proof of his personal belief in innovation…

SpaceShip 2

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Virgin Galactic Has Entered The Final Stage Of Space Vehicle Testing..!

Virgin Galactic has entered the final stage of space vehicle testing, prior to commercial service, after the Spaceship Two has its successful flight test…

Virgin Galactic Spaceship 2

Ocean Thermal Energy 1b

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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: Renewable Energy Technologies In China..!

Ocean ThermaEnergy Conversion technologies offer practical systems and solutions for producing clean energy. China has a great interest about this positive alternative energy and consumer trend, as Beijing’s Reignwood Group has agreed to work with Lockheed Martin for meeting the increased demand…

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion