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Deal Making: Are Signatures Enough..?

We finally have a deal! It is almost the common expression on negotiation tables, usually after a considerable amount of strategic effort, effective deal-making and time. But, are signatures enough to secure the good implementation of the deal in the time ahead? Or More importantly, what about value creation during the deal implementation?

G20 Moscow Summit 1b

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G20 Moscow Summit: The Dilemma Of Financial Diplomacy Or Decisive Action..?

Issues related to global corporate tax avoidance top the discussion agenda at G20 Moscow Summit, with UK, France and Germany to develop a common position on new tax rules aiming to force corporations to pay their taxes…

G20 Moscow Summit

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A “Game Changer…” The EU-US Free Trade Agreement..!

The EU and The US are to negotiate a free trade agreement in June setting the stage for the most ambitious international trade deal since the World Trade Organization founding in 1995. From one part the EU is fighting witheuro crisis and from the other part, the US needs to export in the EU for creating new jobs and also keeping themiddle class financially alive in the country…

EU-US Free Trade Negotiations

Draft Agreement 2b

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Making Drafts “Powerful Tools” In Negotiations And Business Deals..!

Negotiations: Making Draft A Useful “Tool…”

  • If your boss keeps promising to finalize your updated compensation structure but can’t seem to find the time to meet, put a draft on her desk that reflects your understanding of the new terms – and that requires nothing more than a signature from her. You can do the same when you are preparing to contact negotiations.

 You And Your Neighbors…

  • If you and your neighbors want speed bumps installed on your block, draft a negotiations resolution outlining specific details before your meeting with local officials.

Favor Will Be Granted…

  • When you present the busy and powerful with drafts, you increase the odds that the favor will be granted – and save everyone’s valuable time.

Draft Agreement 2b


Mediators In Negotiations 1b

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How Can A Mediator Help Your Team Prepare For Complex Negotiations..?


Negotiations Or Litigation..?

  • An organization faced with significant litigation should not content itself with obtaining legal advice to determine its settlement posture. Contacting effective negotiations requires multiple approaches…

Employing A Mediator…

  • It should also employ an experienced mediator for assistance in multiple topics for contacting negotiations:
  • uncovering its interests in the pending litigation
  • prioritizing those interests
  • thinking about the interests and likely priorities of the other parties
  • and developing an organizational settlement position that accounts for these issues.

What A Mediator Can Also Do..?

  • A mediator can offer multi-dimensional approaches for implementing negotiation strategies at different levels of interests.

Mediators In Negotiations 1b