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International Space Station Happy New Year 3b

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International Space Station: 2013 Wishes For A Happy New Year, Innovation And Cutting-Edge Research..!

  • 2012 marked busy year for science aboard the station. With a variety of new investigations, facilities, researchers, data and results, the space station Program Science Office has had much to share. These investigations benefit life on Earth, inform future space exploration and advance fundamental scientific understanding…
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Cheetah Robot 2

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Copying Nature: The Fastest Legged “Cheetah Robot” In History..!

  • What DARPA is doing with its robotics programs is attempting to understand and engineer into robots certain core capabilities that living organisms have refined over millennia of evolution…
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Hypersonic Technology 1b

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The Secrets Of Hypersonic Technology For Flying At 20 Times The Speed Of Sound..!

  • “By broadening the scope of research and engaging a larger community in our efforts, we have the opportunity to usher in a new area of flight more rapidly and, in doing so, develop a new US national security capability far beyond previous initiatives,” explained Air Force Maj. Christopher Schulz, DARPA program manager, who holds a doctorate in aerospace engineering…
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