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DARPA Announced Winner Of The FANG CHALLENGE..!

“Ground Systems” team is the winner of DARPA‘s FANG Challenge (Fast Adaptable Next-Generation) GroundVehicle…


Cheetah Robot 2

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Copying Nature: The Fastest Legged “Cheetah Robot” In History..!

  • What DARPA is doing with its robotics programs is attempting to understand and engineer into robots certain core capabilities that living organisms have refined over millennia of evolution…
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Hypersonic Technology 1b

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The Secrets Of Hypersonic Technology For Flying At 20 Times The Speed Of Sound..!

  • “By broadening the scope of research and engaging a larger community in our efforts, we have the opportunity to usher in a new area of flight more rapidly and, in doing so, develop a new US national security capability far beyond previous initiatives,” explained Air Force Maj. Christopher Schulz, DARPA program manager, who holds a doctorate in aerospace engineering…
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DARPA Alert: Commercial Technology # Malicious Code..?

  • To address the threat of malicious code, DARPA is starting the Vetting Commodity IT Software and Firmware (VET) program to look for innovative, large-scale approaches to verifying the security and functionality of commodity IT devices (those commercial information technology devices bought by DoD) to ensure they are free of hidden backdoors and malicious functionality.

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DARPA Space Telescope 1b

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Discover The Space Surveillance Telescope (SST)..!


  • Space Surveillance Telescope was developed to detect and track previously unseen small objects at the deep space altitudes associated with geosynchronous orbits (roughly 22,000 miles high).

Technical Advances…

  • Begun in 2002, SST achieved many technical firsts and advances. Able to search an area in space the size of the United States in seconds, Space Surveillance Telescope uses the first large curved charge coupled device focal array. It currently possesses the steepest primary mirror ever polished allowing the telescope to have the fastest optics of this aperture class.

System Capabilities…

  • The system is capable of detecting a small laser pointer on top of New York City’s Empire State Building from a distance equal to Miami, Florida. These features combine to provide orders of magnitude improvements in field of view and scanning for deep space surveillance.

DARPA Space Telescope 1b