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Food Crisis 2

Challenging NATO: Food Insecurity And Food Terrorism Today…

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Food Terrorism…

  • Food can be used for warfare, according to NATO both for conventional wars with a front-line and for modern day terrorist warfare. A recent example of food used as a weapon in a conventional war with a front-line is the Bosnian war of the early 1990s.

The Bosnian War…

  • During the Bosnian war, closing off an area or city under siege and restricting the food supply was just as efficient as a weapon intended for political coercion as shelling the area or city, NATO observes. In that particular war both means were often used in combination, strangling the food supply chain and artillery shelling.

Poisoning Of The Israeli Jaffa Oranges…

  • An example of food terrorism was the quicksilver poisoning of the Israeli Jaffa oranges by Palestinians three decades ago. The Palestinian idea was to create a scare to damage Israel’s economy since Jaffa oranges were a well-known Israeli trademark. When the news of the quicksilver poisoning came out, the scare caused was indeed considerable, especially when seen in the light of how few oranges were in fact poisoned.

Food Crisis 2


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